We Provide the following services for our Monthly Service Accounts

Full Small And Medium Scale Office Network, Server And Computer Services

  • Shared Services Such As  - Fax - Printer - Email - Web - And Exchange Server Setups And Support

  • Full Workstation Computer Service - All Windows Desktops-Laptops and Tablets

  • Full Network Router, Modem and WIFI Setup And Support

  • Complex Network Management Such As QuickBooks SQL And Secured WIFI Hybrids

  • Full Network Appliance Setup And Support For All Manufactures

  • BIZHUB - IMAGE RUNNER - And all other Business Network Appliance Setup And Support

  • We Repair All Account Owned Computers For Parts Only

  • We Do Onsite Virus Removal Fast And Easy

  • Agent - Employee Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Droid, iPhone and Blue Tooth WIFI setups as needed

  • Full Agent and Employee Desktop Support

  • Substantial Discounts For Agents Or Employees On Real Estate Photography And Virtual Tour Services

  • Substantial Discounts To Agents For Computer Repair Work, If A Repair Is Needed

  • Insightful Marketing Advise And Internet Marketing Initiatives

  • Full Agent And Employee Support For Windows8 Transition Issues

  • All For As Low As $225 Per Month!

  • No Weekend Or Holiday Rates, If It Goes Down, We Come Out!

  • Call Me Today For More Information, Call Frank At 941-204-9100