On Site Business Service Calls $75 | Virus Removal $50 | Monthly Service Agreements $225 -
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Website Creation, Email Hosting, Cloud Business Sharing and Deployment Services Starting At $350. SQL Commerce Websites From $2500.
With our Commerce Website's we provide a Facebook Tab Interface to bring your business inventory into your Facebook Wall(s)

Full support for Work Stations - Servers - SQL Servers - Shared Printer - Shared Scanners - Shared Fax - Shared Files - Shared Storage - QuickBooks - PROMOS - TENTANT PRO - Peachtree - Website - Email - iPhone - Droid - Point Of Sale - VA Processing - Full Migration Support For Windows8 & 10

We setup large screen displays for home and office applications. while onsite we teach you how to use the WIDI, WIFI DIRECT, Remote Computer Monitor and other SMART home entertainment devise options. We connect your SMART TV's Internet connection and show you how to use it.

I have been a computer, network and software engineer for 15 years. I have been in business in Port Charlotte Florida since 1998 and have 12 published software titles to my name. As a Life Long resident of Charlotte County I know and understand the IT needs and demands of our local businesses. Let my experience and knowledge of IT and IS services work for you.

We have provided Computer Support, Network Setup and Onsite Repair Services throughout S.W. Florida Since 1998. Our services cover all LAN, WAN and WIFI Network Functionality. Full office end to end support for Quick Books, Peachtree, SQL, File Share Devises and Windows Server Stations. We also install and setup customers computers onsite to use Shared Network Printers, Scanners, Faxes and File Share Appliances. We support Telephone PBX and Voice Service Systems including VOIP. We setup WIMAX protocols and configurations for wide area WIFI coverage. Viruses, spyware and malware removed Quick and Easy!  We offer Business Owners Huge Discounts with our monthly service agreements.

Small Business Startup Package:
We will come onsite to setup and install your Office Computers, Network Fax Systems, Routers for both WIFI and LAN connections. We will give you a standard start-up website for your existing domain name and 5 email address to go with the website. Your website will have a link that you can check your email through using web mail. We will send your mobile phone a single text message with a link to auto install your email accounts with ease. We will do all of this for only $750. The website has a yearly renewal charge of about $140. You pay for all of the Equipment, Hubs, Routers, Internet Service, Wiring and Cabling. You pay us a single labor charge for all of the onsite and web design labor. When we leave, you will be ready to use your network for Internet access, to print to your network printers, to send faxes to your network fax, to advertise your website and  to use your email. Both LAN and WIFI Networks will be fully active and ready. $750 is a GREAT Price for a complete small office network setup with a website and email. Give me a call to find out more. We will tell you how large of an office this covers and how many desktops this price includes. We will give you a clear cost of everything involved and will coordinate the setup with you. After we're done we will offer you a monthly fixed rate repair service for your office that includes everything mentioned above. Fast and Easy as it should be. Call Me, Frank @ 941-204-9100 More Info Here

WE RECOVER MISTAKENLY DELETED DATA FOR YOU...  We provide data recovery for hard drive, thumb drive and SD card data. Most Hard Drives can be recovered to a recovery storage devise for as low as $300. Memory cards and thumb drives can be recovered to a recover devise for as low as $125, including the Storage Devise.

Total DATA & DRIVE Destruction Services... We will completely wipe out and totally destroy any storage devise that may now have or may have had sensitive or private information on. Whether you are a Doctor, an Attorney or a Private Investigator your clients or patients data is very sensitive and it MUST BE DESTROYED when you discard or upgrade the computer. HARD DRIVE Formatting is not good enough! We completely destroy both the data on the drive and then the drive itself. Hard Drives are cleaned and destroyed starting at $125 depending on the drive size and type. Memory cards,  thumb drives and mobile devises are cleaned and destroyed for $50
Call Me, Frank at 1-941-204-9100 for more information today.